The 2016 Honored Clan is Clan MacLean and their president, Patrick MacLean, will be the guest of honor.

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The Scotland County Highland Games are pleased to host the following Scottish clan and society organizations.

Clan Campbell

Clan Wallace

Clan Graham

Clan Donald

St. Andrews Society of NC

Clan Maxwell

Clan MacKintosh of North America

Scottish Cultural Organization of the Triangle (SCOT)

Stewart of Appin

Clan Bell North America

Scottish American Military Society (SAMS)

Clan Macbean

Clan Elliot Society, USA

Clan MacKenzie Society

MacFarlane Society

Clan MacLaren

Clan MacLeod Society USA

Clan Stewart Society in America

Clan Anderson

Clan Davidson Society

Sept of Blue

Clan Scott Society

Clan Henderson Society, USA

Clan MacDougall

Society of William Wallace

ClanRanald Trust

Clan Morrison Society

Clan McEachin

Clan MacLaine of Lochbuie

Clan McPhaul

Mill Prong Organization

Clan Carmichael

Clan Buchanan

Clan MacArthur

Clan Sinclair

Clan MacNeil Association of America

Clan Lamont Society of North America

Clan Gunn Society

Clan Montgomery